Benefits of buying a DaisyDisk license

DaisyDisk is a paid app, but it comes with a free trial that you can use to fully evaluate the app before buying a license.

Free trial vs. full version

The free trial is fairly functional, however some important features are only available in the full version. Here is a summary of what you get after purchasing a license.

FeaturesFree TrialFull Version
Scan disks and foldersYesYes
Browse the sunburst disk mapYesYes
Preview file contentYesYes
Detect & reveal the hidden spaceOnly detectDetect & reveal
Detect & purge the purgeable spaceOnly detectYes
Scan as administratorNoYes
Scan cloud storageNoYes
Delete found filesNoYes
Show found files in FinderNoYes
Show reminders to purchasePeriodicallyNever

More reasons to choose DaisyDisk

  • DaisyDisk is the number one disk analyzer on Mac, and also the most popular one. These facts are proven by numerous awards and reviews by Apple and all major tech media.
  • DaisyDisk allows to free up tens and hundreds of GBs of disk space, and is much more efficient compared to automatic cleaners, which do not require user interaction, but typically clean only a few GBs.
  • DaisyDisk is the first app that applied serious usability design and testing to a disk utility. Our users are often surprised how easy it is to use the app, how visually pleasing it looks, and how it makes the mundane task of freeing up disk space actually fun!
  • DaisyDisk is also by far cry the fastest disk scanner, with the lowest possible memory footprint, thanks to our unique engineering know-hows.
  • While being a premium quality app, DaisyDisk is priced at the lower end. Besides, the app will save you hundreds of dollars on purchasing a new SSD or HDD disk!

…and even more reasons

  • The license fee is a one-time payment, and the license is yours, forever. There are no recurring payments.
  • Free updates are included. Major upgrades are sometimes also free — historically, 2 out of 3 major DaisyDisk upgrades were free for the existing customers.
  • You can install one license on all Macs that you own personally, in reasonable limits.
  • DaisyDisk is developed by a small team of indie developers. When you buy the license, you support our further development effort and contribute to the healthy Mac ecosystem.
  • We provide 24/7 email support.
  • Legacy editions (for Macs running macOS from 10.5 to 10.9) are available to all existing customers at no charge.

Why wait any longer? :)