DaisyDisk versions & migration

Why having two editions?

The Mac App Store guidelines limit what an app can and can’t do. One of such limitations is inability to operate in privileged mode, another one is the mandatory operation in sandboxed mode.

While being generally useful (as they prevent some apps from harming your system) these requirements may influence functionality of applications that need low-level system access. In order to comply with these rules we’ve removed a few features from the Mac App Store edition of DaisyDisk.


Here’s a complete list of differences between two editions of DaisyDisk:

Stand-aloneMac App Store
System requirementsOS X 10.10 or newer1OS X 10.10 or newer2
Safety measuresDeveloper IDSandboxing
Advanced features
Deleting stuck files
Updates viaBuilt-in updaterMac App Store
RegistrationLicense keysApple DRM
Buy site versionBuy Mac App Store version

1Legacy versions for OS X 10.5—10.9 are available.

2Legacy versions for OS X 10.6—10.9 are selected automatically by the Mac App Store, depending on your current OS X version.

Version migration

If you are our customer from the Mac App Store, you can get the stand-alone license for free.

If you migrate to the stand-alone version, you can use the both versions side by side, or delete one of them to avoid confusion (recommended). You can freely reinstall and delete either of the two versions at any time.

If you’re wondering about a migration in the opposite direction (from a purchased stand-alone license to the Mac App Store) note that it’s technically impossible without re-purchasing. Also such migration doesn’t make much sense for most people due to the limitations of the Mac App Store.