Keyboard shortcuts and multi-touch gestures

You can speed up your interaction with DaisyDisk by using these keyaboard shortcuts and multi-touch gestures:

Action Shortcut Gesture
Rescan R
Show pointed object in Finder —click
Preview pointed object’s content in QuickLook Space
Go back by the browsing history [ swipe left with four fingers*
Go forward by the browsing history ] swipe right with four fingers*
Go to the pointed folder pinch open
Go to the enclosing folder pinch close
Move the pointed object to/from the Collector
Back to disks and folders swipe down with four fingers*
Back to last viewed disk/folder swipe up with four fingers*

*Three fingers on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Multi-touch gestures are unavailable on older MacBooks. However, if they work system-side, they will work in DaisyDisk too.