Super-User mode

In certain cases you may not be able to examine some folders, because you don't have sufficient access permissions. For example, folders of other local users are normally not accessible, even when you have administrative permissions.

In such cases you can use the Super-User mode. To turn it on, select Turn Super-User On… from the Action menu and enter administrator's credentials. Click Rescan to rescan the volume or folder as super-user.

Super-User mode

When you scan the current disk or folder in the Super-User mode, the window background turns blue and you see a purple scope bar. Files and folders not accessible to normal scan are marked red on the sidebar panel.

Please note that it only makes sense to use the Super-User mode on local drives, because network drives are mounted with their own access permissions.

It's not necessary to use the Super-User mode on every scan unless you have multiple user accounts or disks that require administrator access permissions.