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New DaisyDisk 4.6
for macOS High Sierra
High Sierra Challenges

The new Apple File System (APFS) was one of the most important and exciting changes introduced in macOS High Sierra. However, with all its new power, APFS also brought a number of new questions to Mac users, which we see asked in numerous online forums and in support tickets that we receive.


Disappearing disk space

Free disk space sometimes mysteriously disappears — the sum of all existing files does not match the free space. Why?


Deleting files doesn’t help

Despite you delete tens of GBs of unneeded files, the disk’s free space doesn’t grow at all. Why?


System taking too much space

About This Mac > Storage shows the yellow “System” segment unrealistically large — tens of GBs, or up to 80% of your disk. Why?

How DaisyDisk Will Help?

DaisyDisk scans your entire disk and builds a size-oriented map of your files and folders. It can reach even restricted and system folders by scanning with raised access permission.

Scan a disk
or folder
Browse the map
to discover large files
Preview & delete
to free up space

The remaining used space, if any, DaisyDisk displays as well, labeling it as “hidden space”.

Purgeable space

The new DaisyDisk can additionally single out the “purgeable space” inside the “hidden space”. You can forcedly delete it by a simple drag-and-drop to the Collector at the bottom, like you would do with a regular file.