DaisyDisk state of the union

First of all, we’d like to thank all those people who supported us throughout the year. Users, bloggers, testers, contributors… You really helped us make a better product.

This year we’ve got a significant increase of our user base. It’s been interesting to learn that DaisyDisk is popular among photographers, designers, system administrators and Apple staff. Some people are even using it for taming multi-terabate data storages.

At the beginning of the year we released DaisyDisk 1.5, a significant update with lots of changes. Many of these improvements have been inherited from the early version of DaisyDisk 2 engine we’ve been working on then. DaisyDisk 1.5.3 is fast and rock solid. It’s also the last release of DaisyDisk 1.x: we need to move on and concentrate our efforts on DaisyDisk 2.

DaisyDisk 2 has been in development for a year and is now available for public beta testing. The beta is a release quality product which mostly lacks registration and some stuff tied to upgrade/purchase infrastructure. Once this work is finished, DaisyDisk 2 will be available for download to all users.

The Mac App Store version of DaisyDisk 2 has recently been submitted to Apple for review and if everything goes as expected, it should be available in early 2011.

With the success DaisyDisk has, there’s no wonder it’s been actively ripped off (these folks even copy portions of our site :)): The first DaisyDisk’s version is designed for Windows and emerged this summer. The second knock-off, by a Belarusian plagiarist, has just entered beta. Bear in mind we’re not affiliated with any of these products and not responsible for their inferior quality (i.e. the lack of it).

So, what’s next? In the beginning of 2011 we are to release DaisyDisk 2.0 and start working on updates which you’ll really love. Our basic principle quality over quantity and user experience over features has not changed, but rest assured we have some great ideas.

We also plan to expand our product line. Our next application will work on iOS devices (spoiler: this won’t be DaisyDisk for iPhone/iPad/iwhateverelse…) and it is a… well… we’ll let you known details when the time is right :)

Thanks for your patience and have good holidays!

Stay tuned.

Yours truly DaisyDisk Team members.

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DaisyDisk 2 goes beta

It’s been a long time… How have you been?

Today we’re ready to introduce you to our newest creation, DaisyDisk 2 β:

What has changed since DaisyDisk 1.5.3? Almost everything!
In fact, we’ve build most parts of DaisyDisk 2 from scratch.

Well, really, take a look at this short whatsnew:

  • In-app file deletion
  • Brand new UI, created from scratch on Core Animation
  • Ability to scan several disks/folders at a time
  • Scan results are remembered while the application is running, can be forgotten to free memory
  • More informative disk descriptions
  • Redesigned disk usage gauge
  • Scanned folders are added to the list of sources
  • New logic for scanning as Administrator (was Super-User)
  • New About window informs you about recovered space totals, allows you to tweet your results
  • Updated Feedback window
  • Redesigned Crash Reporter (we hope you’ll never see it)
  • New error handling logic (yep, built-in dialogs suck)
  • Major under the hood changes and tons of tweaks you’ll unlikely ever need to know about

What’s known to be missing/broken:

  • We haven’t switched to a new registration system, but DaisyDisk 2 beta accepts DaisyDisk 1.x license keys
  • Localization is dropped (we’re not accepting localizations for some time, sorry…)
  • Help file is missing (we haven’t finished working on it yet)
  • A few more things…

The beta expires on December 31, 2010.

If you buy now, DaisyDisk 2.0 will be a free upgrade for you (you’ll need to get a new key online once the final version is released).

Upgrade policy for existing users remains unchanged:
$9,95 unless your license key has been issued before October 15, 2009 or after September 1, 2010. Otherwise free.


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One daisy, two daisies…

As some of you already know, we’re working at full speed on the second generation of DaisyDisk, codenamed DaisyDisk 2.

A year ago it looked quite simple: we tack on in-app file deletion, make a few extra tweaks and roll out an update in a few months… But during these few months it  has become clear that what we were doing was not a yet another update, it was really different in both look and feel, not to mention the huge (no, HUGE) code changes that followed and took us another few months.

When we released DaisyDisk last year, many people called it cool and sexy, and it was named one of the best-looking Mac apps. Now let me assure you, as the designer of DaisyDisk from its very birth, that the second version of the application is not simply cool, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look:

The new UI has been rebuilt from scratch in Core Animation. This not only allowed us to make it more appealing and smooth, but also add some features hardly possible before, and I am really glad that we managed to do this without sacrificing the ease of use.

So, what should you expect?

First of all, we’ve added the in-app file deletion that so many of you asked for (were even a little faster with it than Apple with their Copy&Paste support on iOS). You will now be able to drag petals out of the sunburst map and drop them onto a special zone, from where you will be able to delete a bunch of files and folders with a single click. Sounds easy, but this drag-and-drop interaction has taken us a lot of work. A very early demo of this function can be previewed here. Be sure it’s different from what we’ll finally ship :D

Another thing many of you wanted is the ability to view the previously scanned disks without having to rescan them. No problems. In DaisyDisk 2, you can switch back and forth between disks and the scan results will remain in memory until you close the application. Furthermore, now you can scan multiple disks or folders at the same time in background, without having to wait extra time. This will of course require more memory, but with most modern Macs having 2 to 4 GB of RAM it’s not a big deal. Besides, you can tell the application to forget the scan results of any disk and thereby free the memory.

There are also lots of less notable improvements which affect DaisyDisk 2 look and feel. Just be patient and wait a bit…

If things go well DaisyDisk 2 will be available this fall. You won’t miss the release date: even if you’re not subscribed to our Twitter, your DaisyDisk 1.x will notify you about the upgrade.

DaisyDisk 2 is a paid upgrade for the majority of existing users. The price tag of the upgrade from 1.x to 2. will be $9.95.

As a sign of special gratitude to our early buyers, everyone who got their keys before October 15, 2009 will get DaisyDisk 2 license free of charge.

Everyone who buys a DaisyDisk license starting from today, September 1, 2010 will be able to upgrade to DaisyDisk 2 for free.

Stay tuned!

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