DaisyDisk 4.5 Officially Released

Now it’s official: the long awaited DaisyDisk 4.5 is finally out!

It’s an important update, that took us a long time to research and develop. The main new feature — the extended support of the new Apple File System (APFS) and addressing the top questions about macOS High Sierra and APFS that we have received.

Download the new version

What’s new:

  • Extended support of the new Apple File System (APFS) on macOS High Sierra, in particular:
  • You can now see the “purgeable space” — the disk space taken by the local snapshots of Time Machine and other caches, which cannot be scanned, but can now be identified inside the “hidden space”.
  • And you can now reclaim that “purgeable space”.
  • Added display of the “free space” in the right sidebar list, along with the estimation of available space, that is, “free + purgeable”.
  • Added display of the space taken by “other volumes” in the same APFS container, inside the “hidden space”.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.

Please upgrade by downloading the new version from our website, or by using Check for Updates… menu command from within the app.

The updated user manual can be found here.

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