DaisyDisk 4.4 fixes display of hidden space, adds Japanese language

DaisyDisk 4.4 both stand-alone and Mac App Store versions are now live.

A minor yet an important update.

We’ve finally addressed a small but annoying issue that has been plaguing the Mac App Store version of DaisyDisk for quite a while. Unlike its stand-alone counterpart, the App Store’s DaisyDisk lacked the display of hidden disk space, so in some cases our App Store customers were confused by the apparent mismatch between the sum of all scanned folders and the disk’s total used space. With the recent introduction of our free license migration service, we are finally able to display the full disk usage information in both DaisyDisk versions, and give all our users a meaningful path to reveal the hidden space, if they need to.

Also in this update we’ve improved the order, in which the disks and volumes are displayed in the overview of disks. Partitions are now sorted alphabetically by their names, grouped by physical disk were they are located. (Previously, all partitions were sorted by their logical names.) Network shares are grouped by their corresponding remote servers.

And finally, we’ve re-added the Japanese language! 🇯🇵

Full change log here.