DaisyDisk 4.0.3 fixes the Sparkle vulnerability, adds German and Russian languages

DaisyDisk 4.0.3 stand-alone version is now live, the Mac App Store version is submitted for review and is coming soon.

Update! :)

This update fixes the recently revealed Sparkle vulnerability, though at the time we were already using HTTPS so DaisyDisk users were not likely affected. Beside th fix, we re-added German and Russian localizations. Full change log here.

Please note that if you are using stand-alone DaisyDisk 4.0.1 on El Capitan, you’ll have to update manually, that is, by downloading and replacing the app. The built-in updater was unfortunately broken in DaisyDisk 4.0.1. It should still work fine though on OS X Yosemite.