DaisyDisk 4 Is Now Live

We are thrilled to announce that the long awaited major update DaisyDisk 4 has been just released and is now available both on our website and in the Mac App Store.

DaisyDisk 4

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The update is free for all existing customers of DaisyDisk 2.x - 3.x.

What’s new (compared to version 3.x):

  • Finally, brand new look-and-feel, matching the new OS style.
  • Dramatically improved scanning speed — up to 20x times faster! Now scanning takes just a few seconds, not minutes as before. (Depends on your disk and CPU models. The speed gain is most notable on newer SSDs and 4-core CPUs).
  • Significantly reduced memory consumption.
  • A few minor features and tweaks.

Note: All localizations except English have been temporarily removed in this version, to speed up our development. We will re-add them in future minor updates.