DaisyDisk 4.0b4 Beta Update, Stunning Speed Boost

Finally, a new DaisyDisk 4 beta release! We’ve made some major rewrites under the hood, which dramatically boosted DaisyDisk’s scanning speed. In our benchmarks, scanning an SSD is now up to 15x faster! It means you can scan your Macbook’s disk in only 3-6 seconds — almost in no time. A real no-brainer when your disk gets full.

This is the fastest and most efficient DaisyDisk you have ever used. Your beta-testing and feedbacks are welcome: Download DaisyDisk 4 Beta (OS X Yosemite required)

Our benchmarks:

  • Macbook Pro 250GB SSD: ~6-7 sec (previously 120 sec)
  • iMac 5K 1TB Fusion: ~5-18 sec (previously 70 sec)
  • 2011 iMac 1TB HDD: ~40 sec (previously 79 sec)

In the following few weeks we’ll be tweaking the beta and submitting the official release to the Mac App Store. A brand new website is also in the pipeline.