DaisyDisk 3 and app sandboxing

Since its very introduction in OS X, app sandboxing has been a pain in the butt for both developers and users. Developers have spent wonderful weeks or even months adopting their software to the new requirements, and users have surely loved the new for-the-sake-of-your-own-security dialogs.

While no doubt being a good idea in theory, Apple’s sandbox implementation leaves much do be desired, not to mention it’s ridden with bugs, which really hurt end users’ experience.

For example, sandboxed applications cannot unmount USB drives even after receiving full access. The bug has been reported to Apple months ago, but it’s still there in Mavericks. A new issue introduced in Mavericks is app’s inability to operate correctly if the sandbox access is granted by drag and drop. The open dialog works, but drag and drop, Mac’s natural way of interacting with things, doesn’t work correctly in Mavericks.

We, as developers, cannot fix sandbox bugs, but we can do one thing: offer all our customers a sandbox-free version of DaisyDisk, which solves all these problems once and for all. Just download DaisyDisk app directly from our site and it will pick up your Mac App Store registration data. In addition to being sandbox-free, the stand-alone version provides some extra features you may find useful.