WANTED: The Designer

We are looking to hire a full-time or part-time graphic designer to help us create great products.

The Designer must:

  • Create great icons, product websites, bring to life UI sketches and mockups.
  • Take active part in development of each and every product.
  • Be a design nerd: a single misplaced pixel can spoil the whole thing. Good enough is not enough.

What you get:

  • Work from anywhere: home, pub or nearby lawn. Just stay online during certain hours so that there are no communications bottlenecks.
  • Once the work is done timely, we don’t mind if you have a day off in the middle of the week or shift your working hours.
  • Get proper attribution in About windows, website and so on. Being a team member, you’re free to show your works on Dribble or post screenshots on Flickr.
  • Take part in making state-of-the-art Mac and iOS applications.
  • Yearly month-long vacation.
  • Monthly paycheck.

How can you apply?

That’s simple. Send a letter to and try to impress us.

P.S.: once we find the Designer, this post will be removed.

Taras, DaisyDisk Team.