Sharing code

We love open source. DaisyDisk uses some popular open components that saved us hours of work. So, in order to give back something useful to the Mac dev community we’re making the code of our feedback component freely available.

We’re introducing DFeedback!


A small FAQ:

What license does it use?

We have chosen MIT License. It’s simple, it’s fair and it’s free of all the GPL’s bullshit.

Why not just use JRFeedbackProvider?

We used JRFeedbackProvider in the very first versions of DaisyDisk, but later replaced it with a custom component. While both look similar on screenshots, DFeedback has the following advantages:

  • polished look and feel
  • visual feedback for missing e-mail address when reply to is checked
  • optional system info (collected in the background, can be previewed by users)

Are there any downsides?

We haven’t build DFeedback as an all-purpose ultra-flexible component. It’s designed with DaisyDisk in mind, but you’re free to modify it to fit your special needs.

Where can I grab the code?

Follow this link to get full source code on GitHub:

Love DFeedback and use it in your own projects? Feel free to send us a link/screenshot.